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MHS Announces Students of the Month for February

Lanie is gentle and kind. She has a tremendous love of animals and wants to adopt them all. She will even save a spider from being stomped and take it outside. She is a loyal friend who should have a song written about her! Lanie does know, however, when it's time to cut a friend loose, because the friend is going places she would rather not. Lastly, Lanie is determined to work hard and have a successful life. Her nominating teacher stated, "Math is not her favorite subject, but Lanie has been one to push herself into places where perhaps she doesn't feel secure. She gives me her best effort without whining or complaining."
Christopher is hardworking and meticulous. According to one of his teachers, he is the "under the radar" guy. He is always prepared for class and to learn. Chris was accepted to the NC School of Science and Math, but chose to stay at MHS because of his love of band. Consequently he takes various honors math classes online where he is required to motivate himself and often figure things out without the help of a face-to-face teacher.  Chris is not braggadocios about his abilities, he just doesn't know how not to do his very best! His nominating teacher said they didn't want "Chris to again slide under the radar and not be recognized because he is "just Chris". He is a super young man! I wish everyone could have had him in class!"
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