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MHS Announces Students of the Month for March

Bethany is an outstanding young lady. Her personality and smile lights up a room. She is very personable with her teachers and peers. She is very kind to everyone and constantly thanks her teachers. She makes everyone feel appreciated and recognizes hard work done by both her peers and teachers. 
Bethany excels in the classroom by taking honors, advanced, and AP courses. She strives to better herself by asking questions and thinking outside the box. She is a leader in Science Olympiad and will many times take on the harder, less popular events. She also demonstrates leadership in band, swimming, and soccer. 
Bethany is a jewel and will do amazing things as an adult. She will leave behind a legacy of kindness, thoughtfulness, and hard work at MHS. It has been a pleasure to be in her presence the last 4 years and she will be greatly missed, but I am excited to see and read about the amazing things she will do one day. 
Cameron is an excellent young man. He is very kind, courteous, and personable to his teachers and peers. He always has a positive upbeat attitude and a winning personality. He is very intelligent and works very hard. He takes advanced science classes and is a pleasure to teach because he is constantly asking questions and commenting on how he enjoys stuff and doesn't focus on the negative like some students do. He joined the Science Olympiad team this year and was in Sounds of Music. This is an extremely hard event because students have to make an instrument from scratch without using any pre-fabricated materials, besides guitar strings. He and his partner spent many hours making a mandolin that at the end was able to play a scale and won him 1st place in his division and 4th place out of 19 teams. Instead of complaining about how much time he was investing in this project, you could hear his exclamations about how much fun he was having and how he couldn't wait till next year to make another. 
He is the type of student you wish all your students could be like. He is an absolute pleasure and doesn't shy away from adversity or hard work, which is evident because he is an Eagle Scout which involves earning 21 merit badges.
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