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MHS Announces Students of the Month for January

Bobbie has worked individually at a higher level than most of her peers during her time at McDowell High School. Her work ethic and initiative to succeed academically has often placed her in classes with upperclassmen and has provided her with opportunities to learn through independent studies. Bobbie is an extremely hard worker who gives her best effort on every assignment.  Bobbie is responsible and demonstrates positive character; she is respectful of others beliefs and ideas while able to confidently express her own. 
Ethan is hard-working and kind-hearted student. One of many instances of his kindheartedness was the time that the WeeTitans came in to class collecting money for a fundraiser. Ethan dug deep into his bag and found a few coins. He was the only student in the class who wanted to give and had so much excitement in himself that he was going to be able to contribute to the cause. Academically, Ethan has come so far. He is a hard worker and enjoys school.
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