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About Me.....

Hi everybody. This is Dorothea Helton. I am the Life Skills class teacher here at McDowell High School and am back for my third year!  Our class is full of fabulous students and I TOTALLY love what I do! I've been working with exceptional children since 2005. I'm a graduate of Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education - Adaptive curriculum. I am also qualified to teach exceptional children in the general curriculum. No matter where they are - exceptional students are my most favorite people in the world! I don't feel like I teach them as much as they teach me. I believe that if you follow your passion you will never hate coming to work. I look forward to coming to McDowell High School each morning. It's a good thing!

Recent Posts

School Supply List

This is a list of the items we are in need of. Please don't feel that you need to get everything on the list. Whatever you would like to contribute is much appreciated. Thank you in advance from the Life Skills team. 

Welcome Back!

Hi Life Skills students and caregivers! It has been a busy summer for me but I am so excited to begin the 2018 school year!  Our class team is working on a school supply list and I would like to send it out via email. If I don't have your email, please send me a message and get it to me. If you know a caregiver that doesn't have access to a computer, please share your list with them. Enjoy your last days of summer and I look forward to seeing you in just a few weeks!